Once the invoicing module in ConversionControl has been set up, with this tutorial you will learn how to test and emit automated invoices from your funnels.

If you still haven’t configured the invoicing module, read this article.

1. Setup ConversionControl to emit only manual invoices

Before we start, make sure that, under “Billing Options” in the Invoicing menu, the checkbox “Immediate Billing is deactivated: it is always a good thing to test everything before emitting incorrect fiscal documents!

Ensure every single funnel who is going to emit invoices is also in test mode (in order to only emit fake fiscal documents that do not mix with your real invoices).
In the “Data Sources” > “Funnel” page, select the funnel you want to put in test mode, open it by pressing the pen icon and check that, under the menu “Fiscal Settings“, the checkbox “Enable Live Mode” is not enabled.

This is needed because, if the automated invoicing is active and we want to test a new funnel, we don’t want the test documents to be emitted along with the correct invoices.

If you have any doubt, please read this article.

2. Activate the Stripe “TEST MODE” on Clickfunnels

Once everything in ConversionControl is set on Test Mode, if you use Stripe as a Payment Gateway on Clickfunnels you can activate its test mode to be able to run tests without actually paying. THIS MEANS THAT YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR FUNNELS ON TEST MODE ON CONVERSIONCONTROL AND ON CLICKFUNNELS, SINCE THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

You can navigate to the Funnel you want to test, click on “Settings” in the top-right blue bar, then scroll until you see the Stripe logo: here you just have to click on “Test Mode“, ensure it is turned ON and then scroll down and press the Save button.

Dove trovare il test mode di Stripe

Do a Test Payment

Open the funnel page where the order form is located: at the top of the page you should see a yellow bar containing the Card Number you must use (you can use random values for the Exp Date and the CVC, as long as the Expiration Date is set in the future)

Once you have done a test payment, you will find a receipt under the “Purchases not yet invoiced” under the “Invoicing” menu in ConversionControl.

In this page you will also see all the fiscal documents missing some invoicing data (you can verify this by opening one of the documents, where you will find some empty fields reguarding important invoicing informations).

If the customer has already inserted all invoicing data, you will find the invoices under the menu with the same name: this does not mean the invoice has already been emitted!

How to request missing invoicing data

There are two ways to ensure customers fill in the missing invoicing informations:

  • Manually, by opening the fiscal documents with the missing informations, navigating to the “Options” panel and ticking the checkbox “Ask for Data by Email“, then clicking on the “Save” button. This will send an email to the customer with a link where he can fill all the informations that have not been inserted yet.
  • Automatically, through the “Automatisms about Missing Data” we spoke about in this article.

After a couple of minutes, you will find the fiscal document under the “Invoices” menu.

3. Emitting invoices

All the fiscal documents in the “Invoices” page are not necessarily been emitted yet.
This can be verified under the “Status” column.

To manually emit an invoice and make sure a copy is sent to the customer, you just need to press the pen icon to open the invoice, navigate to “Document issuing/Email sending“, click on the “Issue Invoices” checkbox and then save the page. Before emitting it, you can also click on the magnifying glass icon underneath to see a preview of the invoice.

Once you are sure everything is working accordingly:

  1. Put your funnels back on “Live Mode” in order for them to emit real fiscal documents (From the funnel settings > Fiscal Settings > Enable Live Mode).
  2. From Clickfunnels, disable the Stripe test mode.
  3. In “Billing Options“, after you have tested a couple of emission manually, you can tick the “Enable Immediate Billing“ checkbox: now all the invoices will be automatically emitted once all the data have been inserted by the customer.

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