As an entrepreneur, the most important question you should ask yourself when you launch a campaign is:

What’s the return, in terms of conversions or sales, of this campaign?

The best way to answer this question is thorugh UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module), which are searchable through ConversionControl.

What are UTMs?

The UTMs allows us to understand where our traffic is from and, more importantly, where our CONVERTING traffic is from.

We can understand the source of the converting traffic by adding an UTM parameter on every URL you put on your campaigns. This will allow you to better understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and also tell you which traffic source is the most profitable.

The tool that will allow you to add these parameters is called “Campaign URL Builder”: you can find it at this link:

How many UTM parameters are there?

There are a lot of parameters you can add to your URL: here you can find each one of them and how to use it:

  • utm_source: this parameter is used to identify the general source of your traffic, such as Google, Newsletter4, Billboard ecc…
  • utm_medium: this parameter is used to better understand the type of medium used (such as CPC, Banner, Newsletter ecc..)
  • utm_campaign: this parameter is usually the name of the single campaign
  • utm_term: you can use this parameter to add important keywords relative to the campaign
  • utm_content: this parameter allows you to distinguish similar pieces of content or links in the same ad. For example, if you have two Call To Actions in the same email, you can use utm_content to assign them different values to identify the button which converted the most.

In the next section, we’ll cover how you can search for a specific UTM parameter in ConversionControl

UTM in ConversionControl

In the “Filter” section (found in the “Tasks” and “Contacts” screens found in the CRM Menu) you should see, under the Advanced Filters, a few dropdown menu relative to the specific UTM parameter and the values ConversionControl has received.

You just have to select the term you are interested in and press “Search”: all the tasks/contacts coming from the UTM you searched will be displayed below!

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