Before sorting “abandoned carts”, let’s follow the procedure to create a proper Request Type.

There are two cases:

  • If the “abandoned carts” page is different from the sales page, then it can be identified as a single new request type (by navigating to CRM>Request Type, clicking on “Add New” and tick the “Can Generate” box, in order to ensure a request is sent to the agents.)
  • If the “abandoned carts” page is the same page where users makes the request (E.g. 2 Step Order Form) it is still possible to assign a Sales request type to the page: the agent will be able to tell the difference between a paying customer and an “abandoned carts” one simply by checking if the “Total Revenue” column of the contact is different from zero (it is advised to always check the customer “Event History” tab by clicking on the pen icon on the right side of the customer row)

Requests in ConversionControl are automatically sorted between all the agents that have been assigned to the specific Request Type. If you want to make sure a specific Request Type is received by a specific agent, then you have to create a Request Type uniquely managed by that agent.

To check what Request Type are managed by the single agent, you just need to navigate to CRM>Agents: here you can check every agent info and select, from the “Advanced handling options” menu, the request types that are assigned to him.

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