1. Billing options

From the left menu, click on “Settings” and then on “Billing Options“. The following page should be divided in 4 sections:

  • Immediate Billing: used to activate automated invoices. See next chapter.
  • Management Automatisms about Missing Data: This option determines how your customer will be asked to fill in missing billing informations. Option A doesn’t send any email reminder; Option B will send an email per day for 3 days to ask for missing billing information and, if the user does not reply, will generate an automated fiscal receipt; Option C sends an email per day for the following 5 days, but does not generate any automated fiscal document: it will be up to the administration department to ask the customer for the missing data.
  • Reception of the notifications: by ticking this box you will start to receive a copy of every fiscal document sent to customers on the email you used to create your ConversionControl account.
  • Process events generated using ClickFunnel Backoffice: this is useful only to Clickfunnels users: by ticking this option, an invoice will be emitted when a product is added manually to a customer on the Clickfunnels platform.

2. Create an Invoicing Profile

Before creating your invoicing profile, make sure to have your Chamber of Commerce Registration Document ready.

  • From the left menu, select “Invoicing” and then “Invoicing Profile
  • Click on +New
  • Here is a detailed description of what to insert in the various fields:

Profile Details

This section contains all your business and administration data. All the data needed are found in your Chamber of Commerce Registration Document.

  • Profile Name: An internal name of the specific Invoicing Profile (you can have more than 1 if needed)
  • Contact Person’s Name, Cell phone e Email: we advise to fill in these fields with your administration data (or your Business Consultant’s)
  • Local Market: The market you mainly operate in. If it is not present in the list, please contact us at: support@conversioncontrol.ai
  • Language: the language that will be used to elaborate the fiscal documents.
  • Vat Default percentage: this is the default VAT percentage on your products/services. WARNING: every product connected to ConversionControl can be edited to have a different VAT percentage.
  • Currency: the currency you mainly utilize. If it is not present in the list, please contact us at: support@conversioncontrol.ai
  • Company Name, Address, Zip Code, City, Province, VAT ID and Tax Code: All these data are contained in your Chamber of Commerce Registration Document.

The other fields are OPTIONAL, or MANDATORY ONLY FOR ITALIAN BUSINESSES: we suggest you consult your Business Consultant before filling them.


When filling this section, the first thing you should do is asking you if you want the fiscal documents created by ConversionControl to follow an indipendent numeration or not.

  • If the answer is “Yes, I want them to be different“, then you can leave “Last number of the issued Invoice/Receipt/Credit Note” field at 0 and add, in the “Suffix” fields, a letter or another alphanumeric suffix which will be added to your fiscal documents number.
  • If the answer is “No, I want them to follow the same numeration” you should first note that ConversionControl, at the moment, is not able to connect with other invoicing softwares and is therefore impossible to detect fiscal documents created elsewhere (and this can leave you with fiscal documents with the same number). If you want to ONLY use ConversionControl as a fiscal document creator, then you just have to insert, under the “Last number of the issued Invoice/Receipt/Credit Note” fields the NUMBER OF THE LAST FISCAL DOCUMENT YOU CREATED (if there are none, leave 0) and leave the “Suffix” fields blank.

If your administration departments requires it, you can make sure ConversionControl uses the same numeration for Invoices and Credit Notes by selecting the appropriate option.

Logo in the Invoice

Here you can upload a logo (Max 2MB) that will be present on all the fiscal documents created by ConversionControl.

3. Connect your Invoicing Profile to your funnels

It is mandatory to associate an Invoicing Profile to all the funnels you have where you sell something, otherwise the system will never know how to create the appropriate fiscal documents.

To do so, from the left menu select “Data Sources” and then “Funnels“, then click on the funnel you want to configure. Under the “Fiscal Settings” dropdown menu, select the appropriate Invoicing Profile.

WARNING: Until the “Live Mode” option (found in the same page) is selected, all the invoices will be created as a test.

If you also need to create Electronic Invoices, also click on the option “Electronic Invoice”

Activate the Automated Invoicing

The last thing to do, if you want to have invoices automatically generated for you, is to go under “Billing Options” and click on “Enable Immediate Billing“. If this option is not selected, all fiscal documents created by ConversionControl will be available under “Purchases not yet invoiced” and will have to be manually sent.

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