ConversionControl automatically transfer all the data collected from Clickfunnels standard fields, but you need to follow this procedure in order to acquire data from Clickfunnels’ custom fields.

1. Check the Custom Types

While on Clickfunnels, navigate to the settings of your input field and ensure INPUT TYPE is set on “Custom Type” and that the name inserted in CUSTOM TYPE is lowercase and has no spaces.

2. In ConversionControl, navigate to Settings>Custom Fields

3. Click on “+Add Field”

Insert the name given in Step 1 and select Text if the Input type in Clickfunnels was “Input” or Text-Area if the element was of the Text Area type. Also, remember to tick the box to activate the new Field.

Once you have inserted all the required informations, click on the Save button (if you also want to update all your contacts with the new field, tik the “Update also contact dbase” box.)

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