In ConversionControl, it is possible to create a personal account for every agent working on your contacts.
The agent will have access only to the contacts the system assigned to him following the rules you have set.

You can also create personal access for other types of agents, such as a customer care agent that has to call customers in order to analyze how much they are satisfied with their product.
This kind of agent will be have complete access over all the contacts of a determined category, even if they are not directly assigned to him: this can be achieved by modifying the setting “Contact View Permission” under “Advanced Settings”.

Adding a New Agent

From the main menu, select “CRM” and then “Agents” then click on the top-right button “+ Add New”

Compile the following fields (the ones with the * are mandatory):

Name and Surname (*)
Email / Username (*)
Password (*)
Phone Number
Calendly URL

You can also add a digital signature for the email that will be sent from the system under the agent’s name.

To activate the agent, click on “Activate Agent”.

Click on “SAVE

Advanced Settings

Activity Status

This field is a dropdown menu from which you can decide the relative percentage, if any, of contact this agent will receive.

Contact View Permission

  • View only assigned contacts: The agent will only be able to see the contacts directly assigned to him. This is the default setting.
  • View every matching request type: this setting is intended for agents which have to manage all the contacts in the department it is in.

The button “Can also work on contacts from other sources different from Clickfunnels” allows the agent to receive contacts from all sources, not just automated ones.


This section allows to select the departments the agent will be assigned to, which determine the contacts the agent will receive. You can have a single agent present in multiple departments, but you will have to select a single one for reporting purposes from the dropdown menu labelled “Primary Department”

Other Agent Permissions

In this section you can define if the agent will be able to reassign his tasks to other agents in your organization. It is also possible to determine which agents he or she will be able to see and reassign to.

SMTP Settings

These settings are not mandatory and are further discussed in this article:

Well done! 🙂
Now your agent is set and ready to receive and works its first tasks!

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