Select “Settings (last voice of the main menu)

and then “Overview Webhook Configuration(third panel of the horizontal menu)

Copy the url in the Webhook Url field



Log in
and specifically in the page of the funnel you wish to connect in ConversionControl.

Click on “Settings(above on the right)

Scroll until almost the end and you will find “webhooks”: click on the button “Manage Your Tunnel Webhooks

Now click on the button “+ New Webhook

In the URL field, paste the Webook Url (the one you copied in ConversionControl)

  • In the “Event” field, in the drop down menu choose “All events
  • In the “Version” field, leave number 1
  • In the “Adapter” field, in the drop down menu choose “json_api

Click on the button “Create Funnel Webhook

Now you can see your webhook in the “Active Funnel Webhooks”



PLEASE NOTE: In order to activate the Funnel in ConversionControl, data must be sent from the funnel at least once.

Select the Opt-in page in the vertical menu of your funnel anch click on the preview icon (on the right under “Publishing”) 

Once in the Optin page, fill in your data and complete the process as you were the first person to subscribe.

WAIT at least some minutes before getting to Step 4.



Go back on

At this point you have to rename the funnel on ConversionControl.

From main menu click on Projects – and then Funnels

Click on the pencil icon in the row of the funnel you have just added.

Click on the button “Get orginal name” and you will be redirected on Clickfunnels.

Choose your funnel and click on “Settings”  (above on the right)

Copy the name of the funnel you will find in the “Name” field.

Return on ConversionControl and paste the name of the funnel in the “Funnel Name” field.

Click on “Save



Last Check!

Verify that your lead has correctly been added in in the “Contacts” screen (in the main menu under “Leads”)


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