In ConversionControl, each project is considered the container of everything you want to keep monitored as a whole.

In other words, you should use a single project for what you want to get metrics, keeping them distinct from the rest (this is true for both products and lead generation) .

– Different funnels and ads campaigns can be connected to each project.

From the main menù choose:
“Projects” and then “Funnels”

Connect each funnel individually to the related project,
through the curtain menu you may find under the column “Project”

At this point, the name of the added project appears in the main menu under “Projects”.

From the main menu then go to “Reports” – “Marketing Insights”
Select the Project you created and select the period “All”
The graphics of the reports appears instantly.

Please note:
On a temporal level, all the data you may see in ConversionControl starts from the moment the funnels have been connected within the system.

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