From the main ConversionControl menu select “Leads” and then “Agents”
then click on the “+ Add New” button

Fill in the fields that are presented (those with an asterisk are required):

Name and Surname (*)
Email / Username (*)
Password (*)
Phone Number
Calendly URL
Activity Status (*)

In the latter field, a drop-down appears from which to select the agent’s activity:

“Full time” receives all leads
Part time receives exactly 50% of full-time agent contacts
“Pause” or “Holiday” does not receive any contact

In any case, the assignment of contacts takes place univocally.

The setting of a signature for the courtesy email is available, which will automatically start from the agent to the contact when it is assigned (Mail Signature).

Put Flag on “Activate Agent”.

In the “Advanced handling options” section
put the flag in the tick of your interest:

– “This agent handles all requests type”
to make the agent receive any type of request

Click “SAVE”

Well done ?
Now agent is active!



It is now necessary to set the different types of requests (Request Type)

From the main menu click “Projects” and then “Request Type”

Click the “+ Add New” button and thus create the different types of requests you want to make so that they can be separated and managed differently.

For example:

R1 – Complete request
R2 – Simple lead

Enter the Name of the Request Type Name. Leave the “Delay Hours for agent” field blank.

In the “Auto send welcome mail to contacts” curtain
later (when we have prepared the emails) you can select the welcome email you wish to be sent automatically for that type of request.

Put flag on: “Can Generate”

To create other Request Types, click the item in the main menu again and redo the indicated procedure.

Click “SAVE”

Great, now your request types have been created! ?



From the main menu click on “Projects” and then “Pages”
Filter with Funnel Name (second curtain) and then click “Search”

Click on “Go to Clickfunnel” in this way the system opens exactly the page on ClickFunnels.

Copy the exact name of the page.

Click on the pencil at the top right and paste the name of the page in the “Page Name” field. Select the correct “Request Type” for that page from the drop-down menu.

Click “SAVE”

Note: If there is a split test in progress, the pages are read as different from ConversionControl, but in reality they are both part of the same page, so in this case carry out the same procedure with the same name for both versions of the split. test.


Click on “Lead” and then “Contacts”
Check that the leads from the funnel you have set up have been correctly assigned to the agent.
From this moment the created agent can access his account with the data reserved to him and see only his contacts to work them.

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